[Manual]How to use the FAQ section?



2017-01-03 14:43

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If you want your question to be answered as fast as possible please follow below rules.
But the most important - USE SEARCH.
There is great probability, someone already asked the same question you want to ask.

How to ask question in this FAQ section?
  • In FAQ we post only English content. If you want to write in your language, use your country section from Global.
  • Write thread name, that briefly describes your thread.
  • In thread write good descr iption of your problem / question. 2 words doesn't explain anything to us so we will delete threads like this.
  • If you have problem with your device, please write what model do you have and what firmware version you have (Flyme OS version).
  • If you have suggestion about system, use SEARCH to check if someone already suggested it. If you don't find it, write to our Suggestions section.
  • If you find Bug about the system, use SEARCH to check if someone already reported it. If you don't find it, write to our Bugs section.
  • Don't create multiple threads describing the same problem. Wait patiently for answer, we will do it within 24h.

Example thread name:

Problem with downloading apps from Google Play Store
Example thread content:
Flyme OS, Meizu MX4 Pro
I have problem downloading applications from Google Play Store. Everytime I want to do it i receive error as you can see on screenshot.

Since this day if you won't use this rules your thread will be removed and you will receive warn.