2016-12-26 14:16

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Hi Flyme lovers.png
1.After install GMS installer apps show file corrupted?
> First factory reset your device then install GMS installer form below.

2.When we get Flyme 6 on my device?
> Follow
Exact date not announce yet, stay tuned to the forum for it.
3.Battery percentage display abnormal?
>Please try battery calibration: ... TTERY%20CALIBRATION
4.Battery not charging up to 100%,gets stuck at 50-60%?
> First when its reach to maximum charge unplug the cable and again quickly plug it.
  Second Try battery calibration: ... TTERY%20CALIBRATION
  If still not solve then 1st reflash firmware with clear app data and again try both process.
  Still get same error means battery health damage better visit service center.
5.When can get VoLTE support?
> As of now there is no news for same. If any it will be shared.
6.Download link for official Flyme ROMs?
> Download form here:
7.What solution if forgot password?
>First try to contact your seller/previous owner for password.
   Second try to contact with /visit service center.
8.Fingerprint lock for m2?
> Fingerprint scanner is a hardware part. M2 does not have this feature.
9.Audio output in headphone is low, any way to increase?
> No official way to increase
   But if you want then follow this post:
10.In my device camera working properly but now it's quality to low?
>  First flash firmware clear app then check your settings.
11.Not able to download apps form playstore?
>  First go to settings>apps>clear data and caches of play store and service restart device.
12.Device heat up while charging. Is it normal?
> Heating normal while charging, Don't panic always check temp when you device in sleep mode.If still get high temp then visit          service center.
13.Speaker not working,Volume key problem or Home button not working which way solve?
>  First try to flash firmware with clear app data. If still not work then please visit nearest service center.
14.Which way solve whatsapp notification issue?
  • Security-permissions-notifications of apps-whatsapp
  • Security-auto starts-whatsapp
  • Security-power-standby management-whatsapp
  • Long press whatsapp app to lock it
**Slow charging speed related problem: Always use official charger that came with device.
**Front change: No way change front form theme center. Please try 3rd party app.
**Red lines problem in screen: Go to settings>Display and brightness>color temperature>Change Warm to cold.