Flyme 6 All Stock Apps for Downloading



2016-12-21 17:02

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Edited by rohit42 at 2016-12-21 16:22

Hello Everyone, I want to share all new Flyme 6 Stock apps with you. May be some of the apps will not work in your phone due to compatibility issues but most of these app will work in your Meizu phone.

And if you want to know "Whats New in Flyme 6" , you can check here.

The Google Drive Download Link is in the end of this thread.

These apps are taken from Flyme 6 Chineese Beta in M3 Note. I tested all the apps in Meizu M2 Global Firmware Version first. So, only apps with English Language is attached except "App Store". The app which either will not work on your phone or which are completely in Chineese are not included. If a particular will not work in your phone, you can restore that app in Settings -> Apps -> "App Name" -> Restore

The Link Include following Apps:-

01. App Store
02. Calculator
03. Calender
04. Camera
05. Download
06. Email
07. Files
08. Gallery
09. Meizu Pedometer
10. Music
11. Notes
12. Phone
13. Recorder
14. Security (7.72 MB, Downloads: 2478)