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Google Play store and services not working ... 1 2 3 M2 20 3020 aerdogan85 2018-12-21 21:56
  go to the app store and install GMS installer which will download automatically all needed Google se ...
Flyme stable firmware for meizu m2 global devices Attached Images ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 .. 20 M2 190 25340 HemRoy 2017-06-30 04:02
  it'd be better if u post somewhere else instead of forum so they'll not remove again and again {: ...
  I'm not able to download it's showing 404 error
Pixel launcher leaked Attached Images ... 1 2 Resources 15 1580 heinhtoohtookyaw8794 2017-06-06 03:06
  that doesn't happen with any other launcher i think it doesn't support meizu
  did everything.. but when u press any icon to enter that app it'll take u to system launcher and doe ...
flyme 6 Stable A version direct link Attached Images ... 1 2 Flyme Column 19 2515 skoobie 2017-06-09 01:23
  is it okay to download bcoz I'm using G version..
how to stop camera sound Flyme Column 4 580 Shyamal 2017-06-02 13:11
  go to the sound settings and turn of the 'system sound'
Download Latest Android Noughat 7.1 for your meizu m2 Tutorial 3 1850 KumarAmit 2017-05-25 16:56
  downloading is not that difficult here but after that worse part is when we go to recovery mode to i ...
got volte option in m2 Attached Images ... 1 2 3 Closed M2 26 2690 RanjithRaj 2017-05-26 03:36
  f*k it
  what if we use some other OS.. are there any chances to get volte?
  holy f*k... is this a joke? seriously.. they don't give update for volte and not even allow us to ...
need help regarding google assistant.. Attached Images M2 6 420 aym_sharma 2017-05-16 11:54
  I tried but it's not good as assistant and u have to type each and everything.. and I'm never gonn ...
Pattern security M2 6 615 mahesh66 2017-05-17 17:42
  I can tell you how to add pattern option but I'm not sure it will work.. just go to google and sear ...
smart lock off M2 1 1535 aym_sharma 2017-05-16 11:59
  uninstall google apps and clear data in google services
i want to formate my mobile but i cant M2 4 335 RanjithRaj 2017-05-26 03:32
  go to system recovery and wipe data
Can we get VoLTE by editing build.prop ? ... 1 2 M2 14 2905 HemRoy 2017-06-12 19:32
  i just got volte option in settings but it doesn't work.. l
  got volte option in m2 (From:Forum App) refer this ...
Help mee. My m2 is stuck on recovery mode M2 4 870 RanjithRaj 2017-06-05 03:44
  just copy to SD card and insert then go to recovery mode and upgrade
  same happened with me also.. don't worry it's easy download the current flyme OS u were using from ...
Flyme for M2 Attached Images ... 1 2 Flyme Column 18 1820 JamesLaX 2017-06-14 02:42
  did it worked??
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