Flyme Tips Chapter 5 Vol.4 Enter recovery mode



2016-11-24 14:19

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Recovery  712_274.png

With the continuous development Flyme, the system many operations are becoming more convenient, today's system upgrade can be pushed directly in the application. However, even so, I hope you do not forget the traditional way to flash your device: Recovery mode. This approach can be seen as mobile phone screen failure, can boot major system version upgrade (or downgrade), in order to achieve the purpose of security flash.

Presently, the Meizu mobile phone recovery mode Flash key combination for the shutdown is: pressing the power button + volume keys at the same time. In addition, press the power button and volume keys to boot and enter the system upgrade interface, you can carry out more thorough data removal. However, we shouldn't forget, during the implementation of the flash operation, that you be sure to ensure that the complete firmware package has been stored in the root directory.
Did this Flyme tip help you with your recovery mode needs?
Ps: If you are not able to see the picture in the mobile version, please switch to the pc moblie version on the bottom right of the page to switch, thank you.

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