Flyme Tips Chapter 5 Vol.1 Not. Bar: music widget size conversion



2016-10-27 14:00

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Chapter 5.1-712.png
In this weeks Flyme Tip we will be introducing the Music widget's feature: Size conversion, Flyme's frequently used applications for music lovers, it should be understood that the application interface exits the music during the playback of the song, the song will be displayed in the notification bar widget. However, one does not know if  the display size of this widget can be adjusted. Can you believe it? Then as you pinch or spread two fingers apart on the widget you can adjust the size of it, so what are you waiting for and give it a try!

Did this Flyme tip help you with your music widget needs?
Ps: If you are not able to see the GIF in the mobile version, please switch to the pc moblie version on the bottom right of the page to switch, thank you.

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