Battery Meter Calibration



2016-10-21 17:17

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Recently we recieve many users complain about the battery issue. This is a tutorial which will help you calibrate your Battery Meter.

Battery Meter Calibration FAQ

What can we do if the battery meter isn’t accurate?
Calibration method: Charge the phone with a charger, and keep it connected to power for 35 more minutes after it’s fully charged to trigger the battery calibration program.

Note: To trigger the battery calibration program, the phone needs to be charged for 35 more minutes after being fully charged, and kept in deep sleep. Therefore, please charge it with a charger instead of connecting it to a PC with a USB cable, or the system won’t be able to enter deep sleep status. It’s also suggested to turn off network connection and background applications to ensure the phone won’t be woken up by notifications during the process of extra charging. If this method doesn’t work, please go to Technical Support. For phones with no artificial damages, maintenance is free of charge within one year of purchase. If the warranty has expired, your phone needs to be repaired with charge.

What can we do if the battery percentage display is abnormal?
Calibration method: Discharge the phone until it can’t be switched on using the power button. Charge the phone while keeping it off, and keep it connected to power for 35 more minutes after it’s fully charged. Then battery calibration will be triggered.