Flyme Shenzhen Conference: Flyme for Tablet & TV is coming



2016-10-18 16:09

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There was a Flyme conference held yesterday (17th, Oct) in Shenzhen, China, MEIZU VP Yang yan shared data and plan of Flyme game center, new features in the near future and Flyme for Tablet & TV.



Before the conference began, there was prize presentation of the Porsche boxter; remember the thread "A Porsche Boxter appears in front of our Meizu HQ"? It was for the activity of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Flyme Game center. The winner appeared on the spot (looks quite young):




Back to the conference, let's see what's the highlights:

1. Meizu IE (Interactive Entertainment) is growing faster than ever with a growth rate of 150%. And we are working with famous Chinese game companies to release more excllent games.
2. Meizu Game Center is set up to provide better service and platform for all the players.


3. Major features of Flyme in recent months: 'Zero-lag' camera shutter (take photo within 300ms), better algorithms (N in one algorithm, panoramic algorithm, 3A algorithm) to resist shaking and dark environment; beautification features with Arcsoft; Web call integrated with QQ call;

5. Flyme will release firmwares for tabs and TVs (the hardware part is confidential) to build a Flyme ecosystem in near future:


Flyme for Tabs is under development, the desktop, maps, browser, memos, settings, etc. will be redesigned to fit for tablet's size, we will get the chance to see tablet with Flyme OS in the near future;


Flyme for TVs: it will include TV destop, TV video, TV settings, TV apps & games store, multiwindows, mobile remote controller, etc., it will connect will more devices/products of MEIZU homekit ecosystem