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2016-10-16 05:16

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You didn't expect that's coming, right? Well, there you go.

You may know Mafia games. First one came out in 2002, and instantly become one of the most beloved games, and there was a reason for that. Beautiful graphics, incredible drama and, even more important, storytelling. Mafia: The CIty Of Lost Heaven is one of the best games of 2002, and, I would say, one of the best games ever created.

Then, in 2010, Mafia 2 came out. Also story-driven game, also with huge detailed city you can explore, but now with incredible car pysics, very detailed car damage system, and, finaly, at least as good story as it was in the first game.

The reason I'm told you that, is because I want you to understand the kind of legasy behind Mafia games. And how this "Mafia" ruined everything you can possibly expect from it.

First of all, and I cannot bypass that, is interface design. A friend of mine teaching students about design. Especially, about application interface design. When I showed him how interface of Mafia III: Rivals looks, he responded: "Well, now we found the best of the worst". And this is clearly something that you notice after starting the game: it looks like garbage. Like, you know, this "Made with unity" games with enormous amount of ad everywhere, that was build on a lap in a couple of minutes.

S61011-221855 (копия).jpg

But OK, fine. Of course, this is just an interface. Let's jump to the gameplay. If you've played Final Fantasy Brave EXVIUS, you'll get familiar with Mafia III: Rivals really quicly. Just replace setting, make low-detailed character 3D-models, add absolutely awfull, let's say, conversations before the battle, and basicaly there you go. There is nothing new or just enjoyable about this game. Oh, you can purchase boxes with random items! There is innovation, huh?

The basic gameplay is about cleaning the area by punching dudes. Or shooting dudes. That's it.
And now we diving into the bunch of problems, that is Mafia III: Rivals. Before any of actual gameplay, it's barely impossible to ignore such awful character animation. This is egregeous even by mobile game standarts. Damn, GTA III on Android looks better than this.
The whole mechanics of the game are still pretty fun: you assemble your five-member gang and then fight. Fighting is super simple: you tap on someone you want to attack, and then on your gang members who will attack. That's it. That's the game.


Sometimes some member abilities pops up: some of them increase defence, some of them - attack. There is also some "Special attacks", which should be colorful and violent, but in reality they just look ugly because of awful characters and animation.


Also, after cleaning up the stage, you get some items. These are so ridiculous, that it seems like you fighting not another gang, but freackin garbage truck. What the hell? Old belt buckle? And this is how entire game feels. You know. Like most of the people feel about old belt buckle... Garbage.


Obviously, it's clear that developers put pretty much no efforts to make this game beautiful, enjoyable or fun. But they don't forget to add a paywall with something called "police attention": you wait, or you pay. I was so tired with this game, that I didn't want to play it after just 30 minutes of looking at it. It earns...

NWYA (Not Worth Your Attention) out of 10.

P.S.: I was so tired that I refuse to play more this game to capture more footage or get in details. Please, let's just pretend this game never happend.

P.P.S.: And, of course, you comments that this review suck and I'm idiot are always welcome.

P.P.P.S: Have a good time!