[MEIZU Product] Special edition Meizu Bagpack (MY+ sixth anniversary edition)



2016-10-13 05:48

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As you already know, a month back Meizu launched it's first travel bagpack. This bag from Meizu comes with a simple and minimalistic design yet looks very unique. It comes in a compact size yet has a large capacity to accomodate various items while travelling and is also waterproof. You can check out this first travel bag from Meizu here.

Well, now Meizu has unveiled a special edition of this same bag with a unique and very attractive color scheme. This bag is custom made as a part of 6 year celebrations of MY+ and comes in a unique textured dark grey and yellow dual tone color.



Unlike the plain and logo-free front of the original Meizu travel bag, the special edition bag now has a special MY+ 6th Anniversary logo stitched to the front of the bag which adds to the overall uniqueness of the new custom made bag.


There is also a new yellow leather-like strip that runs through the middle of the bag which conceals the zip and add to the overall beauty of this new bag making it even more attractive. This was white in color in the original bag.



The compartments inside the bag remains unchanged and have the same carrying capacity as the previous version of the Meizu travel bag.


Moving on to the back, the entire back of the bag including the shoulder straps now come in a lighter textured shade of black as opposed to the darker black in the original Meizu travel bag.



Just in case you do not know what is MY+, it is a community of Meizu fans in China that was established 6 years back. MY+ stands for Mei You Jia (Jia means home or plus) and means MY Home or Home of all Meizu fans.

So which of the 2 versions of Meizu bags did you like the most, the first bag with a plain and simple design or the new special edition bag from Meizu.