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2016-08-30 20:37

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Flyme changelog for MX4


Google Mobile Services (GMS) is removed from this version.
(Users can install them from Hot Apps.)

Downloading via mobile networks may incuradditional charges. If possible,please download via Wi-Fi network.
To avoid loss of data & if required,please perform Flyme or relevant backups before upgrading.
To avoid bricking the phone, do not turnoff or reboot the device while upgrading.

Please login & reply to view the download link:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

Removed GMS from the system.
(Users caninstall them from Hot Apps)
Added a feature to take long screenshots.
(Long press volume key and power buttons)
Added a Weather app.
Added Hot Apps.
Added App Store.
Optimized the home screen layout.
Improved the system translations.
Added multiwindow support for more apps.

[System update]
Added support of overnight update

Added a setting item for users to select their country or region.

Optimized the Setup Wizard.

[Lock screen]
Corrected a lock screen error caused bythird-party apps.
Fixed a failure to dismiss an alarm fromthe Lock screen.
Added a feature to allow accidental touchrejection when the locked screen is waken up.
Reduced the time to launch the camera fromthe Lock screen.
Adjusted the unlock prompt at the bottom ofthe Lock screen so that it will be hidden when an album cover art is shown onthe screen.

Added a configuration option to displaylarger icons on the Home screen.
Added new toggles for VPN, screenshot,hotspot, etc. in Notification bar;
Added WLAN Doctor to WLAN page in Settingsto enhance the security of the network;
When using 2 SIMs, users can set differentringtones for each SIM;

Added ‘USB installation manager’ inPermissions to avoid unauthorized installation of apps via USB cable;
Added a ‘Clean similar photos’ feature toPurifier in Security to release phone storage;

[Home screen]
Optimized the icons display on Home screen;
Optimized the cursor when edit an appfolder. The cursor color will dynamically change according to wallpaper color;
Optimized the icon size for Bluetoothkeyboard on notification bar;

[User Center]
Added User Center.

Added a “title” field to contactinformation.
Added a new feature to copy a number by tapping and holding a call log.

Added a feature for users to save an edited photo as a new image.