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2016-08-24 15:19

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Dear designers and users,

Thanks a lot for participating in the Flyme Theme Design Contest.

During this event, 14 designers have submitted 21 themes, 17 of which were qualified for the contest.We've just finished calculating the total downloads throughout the voting period of 15 days, and now it's time to unveil the winners!

The downloads of each entry are as follows:

According to the statistics:
our champion theme is “OxygenOS” by Tarun Batra,

followed by“Classy Dark” by Ramtin as the runner-up

And “Flyme X Flat” by Muhammad Alkholil the third.
flat x.jpg

Congratulations to these awesome designers!

We will contact you within the following week. Please remember to check your emails.

Most importantly, we would like to thank all the participants, for creating so many excellent designs for us and helping boost the popularity of Flyme Themes among users, as well as all the users of Flyme themes, for inspiring us in our continuous endeavor.
The end of the Flyme Theme Design Contest marks the beginning of a more interactive relationship between designers, users and Flyme. Your contribution to Flyme Themes will always be welcome and deeply appreciated.

Please send us your new works at

Thanks again for making this contest so wonderful!