Solutions For Update Failure



2016-01-07 10:39

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Solutions For Update Failure

Recently,some users update with new firmware and had some problems when updated,there some common problems and solutions below:

Attention:Please update with the right firmware,you can check your phone through:settings>about phone >flyme version
about phone.png

  • if the flyme version is end with 'A',you are using Chinese verion,you can only update with chinese version firmware (A)
  • if the flyme version is end with 'I' or 'G',you are using Global version ,suggest you update with Global version firmware (I) (G)
  • If the flyme version is end with 'IN',you are using Indian version,suggest you update with Indian version firmware (IN)

Solutions For Update Failure
I.       The firmware has been downgraded but user data is not cleared. As a result, the mobile phone fails to enter into the system.

Upgrading downgraded firmware without clearing the user data may cause the mobile phone to fail to enter into the system. Symptoms are as follows: The mobile phone stays in the Flyme balloon window, Mkeeps turning or themobile phone restarts repeatedly.

This problem can be solved by performing the following steps:
1.   In the shut down or restart mode of the mobile phone, long press the volume+ button and then long press and power button till the Meizu logo occurs, and then release the two buttons. The mobile phone enters into the upgrade window (in recovery mode).

2.   After the window is displayed, connect the mobile phone to a computer byusing a USB data cable. A portable storage disk labeled Recovery in the shapeof a volume will be identified and displayed.

3.   Paste the firmware to the root directory of the disk.

Note: There is no need to change the file name or extension of the firmware.

4.   Disconnect the mobile phone from the computer. Select System upgrade. Click Starton the bottom right corner of the screen. After the checking of the firmware file is complete, the mobile phone automatically enters into the flashing process.

Tips 1: In the Recovery window, you can move the cursor up and down by using the volume button and confirm the changes by using the power button.

Tips 2: In the Recovery window, byquickly pressing the Volume+ button for five times and the Volume– for five times (or quickly pressing the Volume– button for five times and the Volume+for five times), you can enter Android Easter egg mode where all data of the mobile phone can be erased, Data is precious. You are advised not to erase all data unless required.

5. Several minutes later, you will viewthe system welcome page. The update is complete.

II.      During the update, the checking of the firmware fails.
If you are so unfortunately as to see the following window during the update, the reason may be that file is damaged during the downloading.
firmware corrupt.png

Please download the firmware again from the official web page and then, after the downloading is complete, compare the size with that on the web page, and check the MD5 value of the firmware.

If the firmware is downloaded on the mobile phone, the download manager embedded in the mobile phone has the function of calculating the MD5 value.

Then, repeat the preceding steps 2 to 5 to perform the update again.

III.    The firmware that has been rooted fails to be upgraded through the OTA.

A mobile phone of which system rightsare enabled can be upgraded only by using a complete firmware package. If the mobile phone is upgraded by accepting the upgrade notification via OTA, thefollowing will be displayed during the upgrade:

In addition to clicking Restart to give up the upgrade, you can also complete the update by following steps 2 to 5 in this window.

IV.    The update fails due to low battery.

When the firmware is updated in the Recovery window, if the mobile phone is notified that the battery is lower than 20% and the update fails, you can charge the mobile phone in this window till the minimum battery required for firmware upgraded is met, that is, when the Start button is in clickable state.Then, click the Start button to continue the update.