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2016-07-07 17:58

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To provide the best experience for all our users under the Global section, here are a few rules and guidelines to follow:

1) Under Global section we look at various worldwide topics which may be trending around the world.

You can post topics based on new tech around the globe, Android, developments in the Global smartphone markets, festivals happening in your country, Flyme / Meizu developments in your country, know about other user opinions on topics by creating polls etc.

2) Please use English as your main language for communication under this section.

We know that our Flyme users belong to various countries around the world and not everyone can speak English well but please try to speak in English so that other users too can understand you. If you are not good in English, you may use an online translator like Google Translate.

3) Please do not post Bugs / Suggestions under this section.

As you can see our forum is widely divided into categories and hence it is requested to post your thread(s) under proper section.
- Any Bugs you face should be reported under Bugs section
- If you have any suggestions for features you want to see in Flyme or suggestions for the forum then please post it under the Suggestions section
- If you have any queries or questions related to Flyme then please ask your queries under the FAQ section so that we can try and solve it for you.

4) Search before posting.

Please use the search bar to seach any topic which you want to post about to ensure that the topic has not been posted by any other user in this forum before.

5) No spam is allowed.

Please do not spam the forum with meaningless replies which are not related to the thread topic and do not make sense like "hi", "dhssfe", "...." etc. Any such replies found would be warned or deleted immediately.

6) No advertising.

Please do not advertise or promote other brands or products in this forum. Selling or trading of products or services is strictly not allowed unless approved by a member of management.

7) Please respect other users of the forum.

Being rude, using sexually explicit language, abusing other users, threats, personal attacks of any kind, racism is strictly not allowed.

8) Please do not use copyrighted images or contents in your threads.

If you share content which is created by others, then please give necessary credits to the original person / website who's work you have used and please mention your source. Please see that the content you are sharing from other websites isn't copyrighted.

9) We are here to help you.

Please PM me (or any other member of management team) in case of any doubts, queries or suggestions related to the forum. Together we can make this forum a better place for all.