Cannot open gallery or camera as of today



2020-05-04 07:17

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Edited by 甄爵恩 at 2020-05-04 07:21

Hello there:

Everything was fine up till today when I discovered I could not open my camera. It would open and immediately shut.

I suspected it could be related to the gallery, and I might be right. Upon opening my gallery, all I get is a “layer”, like a 20 per cent grey screen over a blank screen. I can still make out the status bar underneath it.

I have tried erasing data and caches for both the camera and gallery, to no avail.

I’d show you screenshots but, of course, I can’t, since the gallery is dead.

After getting home I attempted to plug it in to get the photos off my SD card. They are all still visible and functional in ES File Explorer. However, the phone is no longer recognized on Windows 10—also a strange occurrence since everything had been fine yesterday.

It is very similar to this bug in 2018:

However, no amount of cache-clearing seems to help.

I also noticed that I cannot save new APKs from my browser, so I can’t replace the gallery and camera with new APKs.

Any thoughts are welcome.