Issues with Flyme 7 OS



2020-02-04 06:04

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Recently I got Meizu M6 phone. Everything has been fine, but today I updated to Flyme it's saying that it's this verson and 7.5.something couldn't get the exact number due to issues, so I'm not sure which of the 2 it's running).
I believe the phone was originally running on Flyme 6 version.

The issues I'm having right now is high ram usage. It used to have 200-400MB ram use when all apps were closed now it's 1.3GB out of 2GB which slows down the phone quite a bit. Also some applications now open really slow like viber for example.

Also one massive issue I have is that when I open the setting tab it closes almost instantly.

It appears that I can't choose other versions of the system to upgrade/degrade, so my question is, is there a way to fix the settings bug and the high ram use and if not will a hard reset revert it back to the original Flyme 6 that was using?

Also do you do hard reset by holding power button + volume key while the phone is turned off?

Thanks in advance for the help.