[Activities]Custom Token Markers, Here We Come!



2020-01-09 17:42

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One of the most well known things on our Proposals Discussion has become a reality: make proper acquaintance with Custom Token Markers!

For quite a while, we've provided an essential arrangement of nonexclusive token markers that naturally load in each game. In any case, we realized we needed to help a wide assortment of game frameworks and style, and your votes gave us that you felt a similar way. We've included another Token Marker Library to enable you to make and modify the same number of sets as you need. There's likewise another element on the Game Subtleties page that lets you pick which token sets you need to make accessible in your games!

Alongside the new usefulness, we additionally changed the name of this component from "token status" to "token marker." (Don't stress, Programming interface Professionals: we kept the equivalent "status markers" programming object so this change wouldn't break your contents.) This framework is frequently used to demonstrate a status (like "resting" or "harmed"), however we were roused by viewing our clients find other, innovative approaches to utilize them in their games. What number of fish does Sir Bearington have in their pocket? Possibly your "fish" token marker encourages you make Sir Bearing ton's pocket stock both identifiable and obvious. We're likewise mindful that some tabletop frameworks use terms like "condition" rather than "status," and far be it from us to reveal to you which word you should utilize! So Custom Token Markers it is.

Name change aside, you'll discover a ton that is recognizable here. Inside the Virtual Tabletop, your custom token markers will show up in a similar token overlay menu as in the past. Outside it, you can add various sets to one game AND re-request them from the Game Subtleties page. To transfer your custom token markers in any case, you'll need to visit the Token Marker Library (accessible in the Devices menu) where you can make and oversee whole arrangements of custom token markers. We anticipate seeing what you make!

The present update includes:

New "Token Marker Library" Apparatus to oversee Token Marker Sets, Token Markers, and remember them for your game

The fundamental updates expected to help the association with Custom Markers on a Token

Programming interface Assistant capacity to get to the IDs of every Token Marker remembered for a game (so you Master clients out there can discover approaches to use custom libraries)