how to become fashion?



2019-08-28 23:08

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1. In fact, when it comes to fashion, it really does not mean that the personality is outstanding. Sometimes people who are too personality do not look so fashionable. The so-called fashion is beautiful, novel and temperamental. The first point is that the color of clothing, black, gray and white is the classic color, but for modern women, there is also a need for richer colors, such as fruit powder. These colors will make us look not simple, identifiable and fashionable.
2. Many people wonder why the same clothes, different people wear different effects, which is related to body shape, so if you want to be fashionable, you must determine your own clothing style according to your body shape. For example, whether it is suitable for Korean version or for Europe and America, we should have certain judgment.
3. Let oneself wear fashion besides clothes, there are some matches that will make us look fashionable and tasty. For example, if we wear a belt, whether it is a waistband or a thin belt, it will give people a different feeling. It will make their figure more graceful and more temperament, not to mention fashion.
4. Belt is a fashion element. Tie and tie can also make women look different, especially when matched with professional clothes, which are handsome and charming, and also make men look bright.
5. Beautiful silk scarves and brooches will also add a lot of fashion elements to us. Especially in some important occasions, we can wear brooches and silk scarves to make ourselves more fashionable and elegant. The same is true of scarves, which are more intellectualized and have the feeling of a college model.

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