[Support]Meizu M8c M810H firmware



2019-08-27 17:49

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Hi. I have Meizu M8c M810H. I need to flash it with an original firmware. The phone is broken by an unrecognized problem when a service center talks me this is a software problem (it frozes when boot with label "Flyme"). I took the firmware from there: from the page of M8c http://dl-res.flymeos.com/Firmware/Flyme/M6c/, but it didn't work for me: the phone started to boot but when the main screen appeared, it blinked: wallpaper/nothing/wallpaper/nothing. The signs of apps are not visible. There are working settings, but when I try to setup wifi, for example, it cannot switch on. I cannot register in Flyme account without wifi. I cannot too change wallpaper, when I try do it, phone return me to settings. The service talks I installed a wrong firmware. Is this firmware that I showed in link for this phone, or I need use other?Thank you