some questions about the Meizu X8



2019-07-18 23:40

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I am interested in the Meizu X8 but I have some questions.

Several websites say that there are two variants of the Meizu X8
- one with a Sony IMX362 main rear camera sensor, which takes good photos and can take 240fps slow-motion videos
- one with a Samsung S5K2L7 main rear camera sensor, which takes bad photos and can't do slow-motion at all.
If true, how can I tell which one it is before I buy ? I asked the seller on aliexpress but he can't tell.
Can you shoot 240 FPS slow motion videos with yours ? Can you share some examples ?

Is it compatible with HML (USB-to-HDMI) cables ?

I read this extensive test :
They had an issue with the touchscreen not working well. Was it an isolated case or do all X8 have this problem ?
They say the display latency is very slow and it may be a problem for games. Do you notice this latency when playing games ?

Did anyone played Dolphin GameCube emulator on it ? I see videos of this emulator running well on other snapdragon710 powered smartphones but not this one.

I read two people complaining about it quickly getting hot when playing games. Do you have this problem ?

Can you confirm that its gyroscope works for VR games and videos ?

Was it updated to Android 9, or 8.1 only ?

(If mentioning other brands if forbidden then tell me and I will delete this line) I hesitate between the Meizu X8 and the Lenovo Z6 Youth/Lite. Which one has the better camera ? I can't tell by watching the few reviews. Did anyone tried both ?