How to root or downgrade 16th Global



2019-07-17 17:38

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I just bought the Meizu 16th Global Version and are a bit disappointed. I had the MX4 before and was very happy to have a Google-free Android that could be rooted very easily. In fact this was one of the main reasons (next to the MX4 being a very fine phone!), why I bought another Meizu phone.

It was only after I started the 16th and was playing around a while when I realized, that the Google-Suits couldn't be deinstalled and that I wasn't even able to root the phone. At least I can disprivilege the Google Suits, but thats not really enough for me.

Here are my questions:
1. Is there any way to root the 16th Global? And if not,

2. can I downgrade FlymeOS to version 6 or a Flyme-Version without Google-Suit? And if not,

3. is there any way to give root privileges to the alternate App-Store I use?

Thanks for your help!