Meizu pop expierence



2019-07-10 17:17

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Been a meizu user for a very long time(since m8se smartphone) but after recent experience with meizu pop and service center decided it's time to move to another brand.

At some point i decided to update firmware on my meizu pop hoping to fix some connection issues. Right after the update my headphones changed name to MZ-W01 and when trying to play some music left earphone goes crazy like if somebody moves vinyl back and forth when it's playing. And right earphones plays perfectly fine. Went through some forums and found out i'm not the only person with this issue and at least 2 people had exactly same problem right after firmware update. Tried doing firmware update few times again, it went perfectly fine but didn't fix the problem. So after couple emails with meizu it was obvious that only way to fix this issue is to take headphoens to a service center.

Since I moved from China, I asked a friend of mine who planned a trip to China to bring headphones to an official service center. Here I was hoping meizu gonna fix this issue, guess my surprise when service center refused fixing headphones claiming they were water damaged maybe because i was doing sports. I didn't do sports while wearing meizu pop and never exposed them to water but even if i had, for f*ck sake you've been promoting them as IPX5 water protection! And this highly trained and professional staff gave back headpones full of earwax.

After writing to meizu again, they advised me to try updating firmware again lol Obviously that was a useless piece of advice. So as a conclusion, I used to recommend meizu products to all my family and friends but after this situation it's obvious that meizu doesn't care about clients or reputation.