Fail of the Flyme!!!



2019-07-05 19:51

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I have Meizu 16, actual Flyme version is
The phone proposed to update till
Flyme, after which started problems with microphone.

In such apps, like WhatsApp, Viber - voice call became impossible, in voice recorder also was impossible to make any record.

Instead it was possible to call on the phone, or to take videos with voice.

I've made a hardreset and problem became solved, but for few hours, after which - it appeared again.

The next step - I downloaded the previous version -, installed it and from that moment - I don't have that problem anymore.

Please review the
Flyme version.
The phone is asking me to update the Flyme version everyday. I'd like to do it, but just when I'll be sure that the problem will not appear again.

Who had such problem?