[Flyme]Tips to make your emails more professional



2019-04-17 16:39

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Email is one of the most commonly used tools. Professional emails make you outstanding in your daily work.

Auto archive subjects: to find all emails of the same subjects
No matter what jobs are you do, you are always having several projects at the same time.
Enable auto archive to organize all emails of the same project subjects into conversations, ordering them by time. You can know the latest information of each project.

Starred emails: important emails can't be missed
To read the important email and meet the right person.
Long-press and tap "Marked with star" to mark the important email.

Email: change to meeting alert
Try using Meizu "Mail" meeting invitation, send a new schedule to your colleagues by email, and the other party can add it to his/her calendar schedule.
Usage tips:
1. In the mailbox, open the target email to enter the details interface and tap "...More" in the lower right corner.
2. Select “Send Meeting Invitation” to select the start time, location, participants, and reminder time. After saving the meeting invitation, an event reminder is generated in the calendar.

Auto-recognize company contacts
Enable "Auto-recognize company contacts", the dialing interface can read the company contact information such as: Name, email, phone, company name, title, etc.

It's useful for our work, isn't it? See you next week!