[Flyme]7 ways to manage your phone!



2019-04-10 17:15

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Hi guys! In daily life, give a name, add a note, and put a label, not only can quickly identify the item, strengthen the memory, but also organize the storage well, so that everything is more organized. Nowadays we are relying more and more on phones. The phone not only contains all of our contacts, but also keeps our daily information. The following methods can manage your phone more scientifically and conveniently, so that the phone can provide you more customized services.

Unique device name
Give your phone a unique name. When you share a hotspot or transfer file by Bluetooth, a unique device name is easy to find.
Please go to Settings>About phone>Device name.

Name folders on the home screen
Give each folder a name to quickly find the apps of the same type.

Modify photo name
Modifying the file name for the taken photo or downloaded photo will not only better recall the scene when shooting, but also facilitate the one-tap search to find the photo instantly.
Please go to Gallery>Image details>Rename;
0r please go to Files>Pictures>long-press the target picture>Rename.

Name a note
The title is a summary and refinement of the content, and your notes need a title to remind you.
Drop-down its edit page to add a title to the note.

Add an alarm label
Don't know what the alarm for when you are woked up? Add an alarm label for it.
Please go to Clock>edit alarm>Label.

Add mark for recordings
When you need to record meetings or lectures, you can add a mark for the important content. When you listen or edit again, you can accurately reach the target content according to the added mark.
Tap the icon on the lower left corner to add a mark when recording; Play the recording>Add mark

Name the enrolled fingerprint
By naming the fingerprints you have enrolled, you can not only know the enrolled fingerprints at any time, but also quickly identify them and find the target when you need to delete a fingerprint.
Please go to Settings>Fingerprint, face & security>Fingerprint identification>tap the enrolled fingerprint to edit it.

Hope they can help you! See you next time!