Best practice to install Google Play Services



2019-04-04 20:48

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Hello all,

I am currently using the latest Chinese Flyme Rom (on Pro5).
Since I was using this Rom I constantly have issues using Chrome.
Currently (after reflashing FLYME) I can even not login to Chrome since it always says "there is already a Google account...".

Since I just followed the normal procedure (1. Install Flyme, 2. Install Play Services via "Google Installer" from Meizu Store) I am wondering:

What is currently the best practice to safely and easily install Google services on Flyme?

I was actually about to get a Meizu 16th but then I am wondering if this is really a good idea after those issues (and knowing that the global rom won't get a reliable support).
Or is it just an issue on Meizu Pro 5?
Or is it in general an issue when using the Chinese "A" firmwares?

Would be very happy to hear your advise