Flyme G Stable released for global



2019-03-28 22:05

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International market equipped with a MediaTek MT6753, which is sold in for Meizu M5s , MT6750 was equipped with the Meizu M5 , Helio P10 equipped with the Meizu M3 Max , equipped with Helio P10 Meizu M3E , equipped with Helio P10 Meizu U20 a, MT6750 The stable version of Flyme G Stable has been released on Meizu U10 .

It is virtually the final firmware and is no longer supported.

The release date is March 26, 2019

Http://Dl-res.Flymeos.Com/Firmware/Flyme/m5s/ / 20190307173610 / c 6 f 8 c 87 b / update. Zip

Http://Dl-res.Flymeos.Com/Firmware/Flyme/m5/ /20190315140810/03fc0eea/

Http://Dl-res.Flymeos.Com/Firmware/Flyme/MAX/ intl / 201900320124726 / a3359bca /