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2019-01-20 23:39

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(My english is bad sorry )

Meizu Live, How wonderful can a headset be? I try review Meizu Live Earphone...

Meizu live has Hi-Res certificate, and good desing... Live have Quad - Driver for quality sounds and live sounds

Tecnical Information:

> Cord Length : 1.2 m
> Weight (Including Cord) : 27 g (So good)
> Output Power : 3 mW
> Sensitivity97 dB @1kHz (What`s @1khz i not know ! You Know this)
> Impedance :18 Ω ohms
> Frequency Range : 20 Hz ~ 40 kHz

General features....


Now start legend product ,begin review...

First Carrying Case :


With IPX7 powerful protect, water and dust protection.. 30 Minutes wait in water protect your Lıve or necessary items..
Center Case have a white hole ; this hole moisture absorbing, so nice..


In case, made silicone material this detail, case is drop save your Earphone or Others items.. Nice idea!
as if pearl in the oyster

Okay Last Case other feature, nozzle capsule add in case..

(perpendicular) Nozzle capsule ...

What`s Nozzle Capsule ?

Nozzle capsule in have mouthpiece,


What does mouthpiece : in capsule have White and Blue mouthpiece for the try your ear best experience... I try blue mouthpiece nice works Well thought out.


Ear Plugs :


Total have 8 dual earplugs - 16 piece,

4 earplugs very very nice quality i see new, Name : Inert Plugs material same as, sponge or foam very quality sound out are providing...

Other 4 earplugs silicone nice quality ; output thin sound is sterile so good experience for me. Overall great...

Come LIVE Now :

First cable or cord ; Meizu Live has a MMCX Connector, Three channel gold-tipped jack this is for those needed for great sound.In cable nice idea, High quality, 8 high purity braided silver cover the main copper cable.. Think that voice transmission is lossless is great technology and nice idea..

In Live four perfectly designed armatures in the headphones. It has low frequency armatures as well as medium / high frequency armatures.


Armatures (Write : LIVE ) so good, transparent and brave desing.. And Live have Woofer system. It has a carefully designed split-type sound transmission structure using a moving metal subwoofer and medium and high frequency moving iron units with independent metal sound tube. That`s good product nice idea..

Generaly  :

Meizu Live, best product for sounds.. I review Live i`m very happy (Thanks Meizu Turkey Manager), i again send live :/ this is sadness me

Have a nice day, Thanks for read this thread...

UNBOX Video (Turkish)

Review Video (Turkish)

[ If you know turkish, please translate your language video in youtube thanks ]

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