App Download Link Auto Open Meizu Hot Apps, not Play Store -- M5 Note - Flyme 7



2019-01-03 14:09

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Edited by rmn0x01 at 2019-01-03 14:11

I am using Meizu M5 Note, and just upgraded to Flyme 7.
My issue is when I'm opening shortcut download link from another apps that usually automatically open Play Store to download (this was normal at my Flyme 5), for example :
But in Flyme 7, Play Store isn't opened, instead Hot Apps knocking on my face, and clearly I don't want this
Does anyone have the same issue and know how to fix this? Help me please, thanks.

p.s : My Google Installer seems a bit weird, because it only contains one feature
when I saw on the internet tutorial, it has 4 features there.
p.s2 : My Playstore and its google components work fine, only this auto-open Hot Apps instead of Play Store annoys me.