Video at 1080p 60fps ?? when ? in the year of 2055 ?? Lazy Meizu.. Lazy..



2018-12-29 23:29

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Edited by User650971588 at 2018-12-29 23:34

There si a capable processor Exynos 8890 and is no 60fps video ? this is a joke ??

1. 60 fps at 1080p  when ?? in the YEAR of 2055 maybe ?
2. On home screen there is NO transition effect ??  NO option to wallpaper transition ? what is this ??
3. The Camera has bad color yellowish, there is no life in the picture, JUST put more saturation on this camera, if there will be an update in the 2055 year..
4. On lockscreen just put an full calendar with all day of the month, more Retro clocks
5. Notes widget, why is not in color yellow paper on widget ? only when acces notes ?? this is a joke ????
6. More free themes, whtas is TRIAL theme ? this is a bad joke beacuse this trial theme is not working, another joke to people ?
7. Add wood theme something special to enjoy the eyes, everything is simple and boring, to acces shortcuts just change animation to flip like a book, not like everybody in the industry,  MAKE SOMETHING DIFFERENT !

I think some people ar so lazy and they not have creativity at all... NO,