I'll never buy a Meizu phone again



2018-12-28 06:16

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                                                               Thank you Meizu for Android 6.0 ... IN 2018!

Ok now seriously that's what I call a complete disinterest towards the users of a brand ...

Administrators say that it's impossible because of hardware and things like that just to lie us ... really?

Ok, I mean this were ok ... Meizu can not provide us with a newer version of Android, but WHY DO NOT LET US UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER? I'm sure that many of the XDA Developers could help us with that! What restrictions ... I've also got a Redmi 4X and the last version it got was 7.1, but thanks to XDA Developers it's running Android 9.0 and actually very smooth.I'm pretty sure that Meizu M5s / M5 can handle Android 8.1 very good

                                                                This is a total lack of interest in Meizu users