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2018-12-09 14:09

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From the beginning of this month, we meizu users and all lineage OS users facing major problems using the google play sevices. The major release of the play services version 14.7.79 blocked all non certified os from using google play sevices. Community of all around the world are trying to get rid of this problem but it seems that google doesn't want us to use their service.

Now it looks like that a major change in the history internet is needed. Google is trying to create some monopoly over the use of Internet...
Any way I would not go to that discussion as that will lead this thread to the unending path of immature discussion... I shall rather discuss the temporary solution that may be solved your problem somehow.
................................. Solution...............................

1. The most important part is to factory reset fully. Means wiping out all everything from your phone but be sure to keep backup somewhere not in your phone.
2. After that go to meizu app store download gms installer. Install it.
3. Then install youtube, dont download gmail and other google apps for now.
4. add your account info by logging in to your account. Try to play some youtube video.
5. go to security, then data disable network using of the play services and play store. Never use the play store as it will force the play services to update.
6. turn off the data. open play store then go to play store setting and select do not auto update option.
7. Now from security clear the background running programs.
8. Now turn on the net, use the meizu app store to install the chrome.
9. Gmail app and others google apps doesn't want to work and somehow update the play services (except google earth), may be google developers has found a new way to block us.
10. For email you can use, flyme email app its good and working fine. You can use the google keyboard too but don't forget to disable its send usage statics and also disable its data access from flyme security app.
11. I managed to get a working youtube and chrome following above steps thus discussed in this new thread.

Any new solution will be happily welcomed...
Have a happy buttery chocolatey days ahead...