Warfield-Modern Combat Game Review



2018-11-25 22:13

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In this article, I will Review Warfield Modern Combat. I think all of you have played or found out about this multiplayer game. In this way, Let's See What we are getting in this Game!!!

To start with, See the points of interest of Warfield Modern Combat

# Google Play Rating: 4.4/5

# Developer: Codematic

# Size: 150 MB

# Price: Free

# Available on Android and IOS

These are some ordinary points of interest in this game.

It implies If you have the least expensive cell phone that is accessible at Market is Compatible for this game!

Since we are starting today one more thing:

android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.codematic.warfield

ios link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warfield/id1228505755?ls=1&mt=8

Presently, Let's Talk about its highlights:-

# Most Popular Multiplayer Game

# Maximum 16 Player in Single Game

# About 8 Locations

# Maximum 4 Teams in Single Game

# Many sorts: Survival, Death Match, Multiplayer

# Almost 15 kinds of Guns, Grenade launcher, and so forth.

# Customisable Avtar and Body

# Upgradable Avtar

# Supports LAN WiFi Connection

# Supported on Every Processor

# Customisable Control

No more!!

How about we See Some Pictures of this Game:-

1s.png 4s.png 3s.png 2s.png

. The best thing about this game is your Level relies upon your murdering and demise proportion. 1:1 slaughtering and demise proportion imply you are in Level 25! That is great since You don't have to play excessively game to step Up! I am on Level 27. Another Best thing I like about this game is the smoothness of the game. This game runs easily on the Low-End cell phone too.

My Rating:-

# Size: 9/10

# Graphics: 8/10

# Guns and Tools: 9/10

# Price: 9/10

# Locations: 8.5/10

By and large Rating: 8.5~9/10

What Should be Improved or Added:-

# Add Event Like Asphalt 8.

# Need More Locations

# Need More kinds of Weapon

# Background Image Need Improvements

Expectation you all have appreciated this article. Remark your supposition about this article. Furthermore, If You preferred this bear in mind to help this article!