Sale!! Buy Meizu Pro 7 at just Rs. 13,500 and Meizu M6 at just Rs.5400



2018-10-27 01:46

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Sale!!, If you are planing to buy a Meizu phone, then you can buy it now!!

As we all know great Indian Festival Sale is on in and you favorite Meizu devices are on massive sale right now!!

Lets first talk about Meizu Pro 7,

Yes you can become a Pro at just Rs.13499 its a drop from original price of Rs.23,000.

Here is how you can get this offer:

S81026-224627.jpg S81026-23135510.jpg

Original price : Rs. 22,999 (A)

Less Discount: Rs. 8,000 (B)

Price after discount: Rs.14,999 (C)(A-B)

10% instant Discount on Citi bank/ICICI bank Cards : 1499 (D)

Net Price : 13,500 (C-D)

Meizu M6 : Meizu M6 was first release at Rs. 7,499 but now it drops to Rs.5,400, here how you can get Meizu M6:

S81026-224606.jpg S81026-23132873.jpg

Original price : Rs. 7,499 (A)

Less Discount: Rs. 1,500 (B)

Price after discount: Rs.5,999 (C)(A-B)

10% instant Discount on Citi bank/ICICI bank Cards : 599 (D)

Net Price : 5,400 (C-D)

Only 2 Days left till sale ends so go fast and enjoy!!