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2018-10-21 21:15

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Hello everyone!

I am Pulkit, and today i brings to you most talked about topic in Smartphone operating system right now!!

Ads in System Apps!!,

As we all know xiaomi and other company started selling Ads to their devices a long time ago, it included Apps like Themes app, Music app and even preinstalled nonsense Apps whose only aim is to sell Ads, but now a days thay become more aggressive on providing Ads on their devices, Now people are reporting Ads on Calls app, App drawer also!!.

On the other hand many company like Meizu, Samsung not provide direct Ads at all like Flyme Global Framework don't provide direct Ads anywhere in their OS.

So this is my topic today, i will tell you some benifits of providing Ads and some disadvantage of the same and want you to choose from poll below this thread what do you think is right!.

Advantages of providing Ads:-

As we all know Smartphones Market is mashed up with lot of competition, Company's profit margin are getting narrowed day by day so company like Xiaomi start selling Ads on their phone to earn more bugs and also spend that money to maintain their software department.

MIUI has very good reputation in providing updates and security patch for their phones, it is possible not only because thay earn lot of money by selling their phone but also by selling ads and earn more from their already sold smartphones.

Xiaomi is also good at Customer support services for their OS for the same reason.

Google own Gmail App smart selling Ads so it is bad if xiaomi is doing it?

On contrary Company like Meizu and their Flyme OS didn't sell any ads at all but as we know Meizu phones gets quarterly updates and sometime it takes more time.

and Meizu's C series phones never got update just because of low margin and less sales.

So Do you think its wrong to provide Ads and spend that money for customers?

Disadvantage of Ads :

In one line, User experience gets mashedup. Due to massive ads on notification bar, Task bar, and each and every App you open, user experience of the user get disturbed.

What is an Advantage of any OS if it don't provide proper user experience?

Many company (Old Indian mobile manufacturers) also install some irrelevant Apps which just sell ads, and they never spend any money on software, they never even get any updates.

below are some screenshot samples in which i compared OS experience on Flyme OS and MIUI.

PhotoGrid_1537383180186.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383247123.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383379150.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383432876.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383599789.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383671012.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383740584.jpg PhotoGrid_1537383835296.jpg PhotoGrid_1537384222164.jpg

A 3rd Choice :-

In current market their are lot of choices and one of these choice is Android One smartphones. To be clear i am not talking about phones which stock android OS, they don't sell ads but thay totally fails to provide software updates on regular basis.

But Android one platform brings OS with no Ads at all and 3 years of regular security patch and 2 year of major Android updates. the only problem about Android One phones are that they are little experience then that of non Android One phones as manufactures has to pay Google for facility they provide.

For me i prefer OS with no Ads thats why i love Flyme OS because they take major steps on improving User experience. See the drastic change in UI from Flyme 4 to Flyme 6! on the contrary i also want regular security patch updates.

What do you think is right for you?

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