Is Meizu finally planing new phones for Indian Market!!!



2018-10-19 18:33

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Hello everyone,

I am Pulkit, fan of Meizu and Flyme for more then 2 years, As an Indian i want meizu to launch their phones in Indian Market. But due to some issues of distribution channels, they didn't launch new phones at proper time.

Our flyme forums family has many Indian users and Meizu India facebook page has 2M likes which is more then even Meizu's original Facebook page!!
So i think Meizu is planing to launch new products in Indian!!,

Why i am saying this, is because of 3 photos recently leaked with a proof!!!.

Lets see all of them.

1. Meizu new phone running with build number Meizu

As we all know IN was word used by Meizu to release Flyme OS 4/5IN which was exclusive software for Indian Market, so it is possible that new Indian devices can have build ends with IN, it should be noted that phone is running on stock android!!

On a contrary it can be named as Indonesia as first 2 letters in Indonesia is also IN.



2. Browser update with better news for people in India and Indonesia!! :-

A recent browser update brings a changelog of better news for users in India, As we all know there are very less users of Meizu phones in India right now, so why they will drop a update for Indian users??, it can only mean they are planing a launch of new phone and start adopting their apps according to Indian Markets


3. A Meizu phone running Reliance JIO SIM!! :-

Its a very big hint, as Reliance JIO is Indian exclusive network provider and a Meizu phone running a reliance jio sim hints that they are testing their new phone for indian market. a you can notice below, this phone also running almost stock android OS and not Flyme OS. same as the first leaked photo.


So what do you think!!

Is Meizu ready to launch a new phone in Indian market, if yes, which phone you want to get release first?,

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