ROOT on Flyme 7 (non-Global)



2018-10-07 05:13

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Edited by selui at 2018-10-07 19:53

Hi everyone.

I'm new here, sorry if I'm missing some forum rules... Please correct me if so.

Thanks to wze1537 I've got Root on my MX5 with Flyme beta.


  • From your computer, download the file from wze1537's post named "flyme and" (sorry, I cannot attatch the file by myself).
  • Extract file named MzAccount.apk and copy it to your device. The supersu file is not necessary by now.
  • On your phone, locate and install MzAccount.apk. This will downgrade your current Meizu Account version to 5.6.0 (current mine is 6.3.2).
  • Now, you have an old, non-working version of Meizu account. If you try to open: Settings - Meizu account, it starts but suddenly stops. That's right.
  • Go to Settings --> Fingerprint & security and you will see Root permission. It lets you enter but also does not work. That's ok, next step.
  • Go to Settings --> Apps, and under All tab scroll down until you find "User Center". Tap on it, and click on Restore. This will revert to the version you had before the downgrade.
  • Here comes the magic!!! If you go to Settings --> Fingerprint & securitiy, the Root permission is still there!!! And now it works ;-). It will ask you for your Meizu account password, and the phone will reboot.
  • Now you are root!

Hope this help you. It has saved my day!

Please, comment your model and firmware and if it works or not.