[Tutorial] Battery Saving Tips for Flyme 6 & Flyme 7 !



2018-09-09 23:25

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Hi there, battery backup is a major concern for any user be it a normal or advanced user. Recently,  Flyme 7 was released with bundle of new features and new UI but more features means more battery drain issues, So To save some part of energy here is Some tips to counter battery drain. Let's get started.


As you know there are Default options in flyme for Low power mode and super saving mode which helps to save battery but in addition to this rest tips is shown here...

  • Display :

Auto- Brightness.jpg

If you see there are lots of sensors are working behind the system, and main part of device is its screen, to maintain the Brightness it is continuously working, So to save power turn off Auto Brightness.
Because of the whether you are indoor or outdoor it won't manage itself, I know this is awkward but it is all about power saving.

  • Automatically Update apps on Play store :

  There are lots of apps which are using high data whether it is cellular or WiFi. Turn it off, because whenever you are not using device it automatically Updates or downloads data without your permission and these drains battery.

  • Sounds and Vibration :

home button_ vibrate on touch.jpg
other sounds.jpg

As above mentioned in image system provides different sounds and Vibration for different key. First of all disable  all Vibrations, because vibration takes more power than sound.Here in Meizu devices haptic feedback and Vibration strength for mBack plays vital role to drain battery so turn it off. Rest turn the sound off of camera Sutter, lock screen sound, typing sound, Touch sound etc.

  • Gestures :

gesture wake-up.jpg

As Meizu provides off screen gestures, it is good but to save the battery you have to turn it off because system keeps running for that. Though the drain is very little but it is.

  • Bold - Stylish fonts: (for A version users)

Always go with standard system fonts and avoid bold font use. Always go with black and white wallpapers (Dark wallpapers).

  • Developer Option:

Developer Option.jpg

By tapping build number about five-six times you can see Developer Option in accessibility. As shown in below turn it on Don't keep Activity. It will destroy activity which is running in background. Because it is all about saving the battery. Also limit background usage and select 1 or 2 processes to run in background. With this apps get killed rather running in background

  • Charger :

Always use charger provided by manufacturer because every charger has different Voltage and current output for different devices.
To save more power you can disable the App which are running in background. For this check out pulkit's thread from here.

So these are some tips. Hope you like it.

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Thanks !