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2018-09-03 22:26

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So guys here is the review of Meizu 15 lite aka M15. This phone is part of Meizu 15th Anniversary. Really its a fact this series is the main turning point of Meizu phones. I am so excited to use this phone because I won this phone in Flyme 7 Beta Contest. So after using for few days, I am writing this review. So here are some images of my Meizu 15 Lite Unboxing. Really its very special to me. My first ever gift from Meizu.
P80810-195714-1.jpg P80810-200246-1.jpg P80810-200258-1.jpg P80810-200407-1.jpg P80810-200414-1.jpg P80811-111514-1.jpg
So taking not much time, Lets have a quick review of it beast.
meizu-m15-01.jpg meizu-m15-03.jpg meizu-m15-04.jpg meizu-m15-05.jpg

Meizu 15 lite has a 5.46 inch IPS LCD display with 83.4 screen to body ratio and very ultra narrow size bezels. It has a front facing fingerprint sensor. In the performance, this time the Meizu 15 lite will not disappoint you. It equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 Octa Core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 Processor and Adreno 506 GPU. The phone equipped with 4GB ram to make the user experience more lag free. In terms of Camera, Phone packs with 12MP Primary Camera and 20 MP Front Camera (AI Powered and Facial Recognition) with 6 LED Ring flash. In terms of storage, phone comes with two variant 32GB and 64GB with expandable memory upto 256GB. These are the basic specs of M15, it includes the many more feature which enhances the user experience very well and provide a great comfort.

When all other companies are following a single way like notch display or full screen display, Meizu sets a different trend for itself. It did not go with notch or full screen or 18:9 ratio, but it actually work on real things , Performance, User Experience and also on the Look of the phone. Not opting these 2018 trends, Meizu still manage to make the phone most beautiful , more powerful , more lightweight and more attractive.

So Lets start from Display, meizu-m15-00.jpg

As I said earlier, Meizu 15 Lite has a 5.46inch IPS LCD display. It actually feels quite comfortable in the hand. As it has a very narrow side bezels, So it seems like edge to edge display. The display reproduces great colours and quite visible in direct sunlight. The resolution is 1080 * 1920. There are different modes like Adaptive, Standard, Photo and Dynamic. User can set according to comfort. There is also a Eye-Friendly mode, in which user can restrict the blue light strength. So overall its a very bright display and personally I like it very much.

Meizu 15 Lite powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor. This processor in really very good in terms of performance. It has a great processing power and you will never feel a lag throughout your day to day use. The overall experience in multi tasking, browsing on the web, opening multiple apps or in transition, you will never feel a single lag. I am really happy to see this type of performance. To boast this performance, the model is equipped with 4GB of ram. So you can open 10,15 or more apps simultaneously and can work smoothly. Here are result of Antutu and Geekbench which justifies its power. S80903-18073173.jpg S80903-181820.jpg

This is the one of the main thing that user wants in their smartphone. So Meizu 15 Lite will not disappoint you in this department. It packs with 12MP primary camera (Sony IMX362 sensor) with 6 LED ring flash. The secondary camera is also one of the highlight of this phone. It packs with 20MP secondary camera with AI powered. So as the numbers are solid on the paper, it truly justify the number in real life also. It produces a lot of high quality images in day light. The colour are very bright and very natural.  For the most of users , it can truly justify the camera in this price segment. So here are some samples of Meizu 15 Lite.
P80811-184520.jpg P80811-191839.jpg P80811-184547.jpg P80903-190242.jpg P80811-111834.jpg P80811-183422.jpg P80811-183709.jpg P80811-184018.jpg

Meizu 15 Lite has 3000 Mah battery capacity. Today most of the phones has same amount of battery. So on an average, if you use your phone like some messaging, browsing on internet, playing music, or some light games, you can surely use upto 20 hours on a single charge. Also the phone is equipped with fast charging mCharge and 18W charger is provided with it. So only it takes about 30 to 35 minutes to charge from 0 to 55/60 percent . mcharge_718df35.gif

Today most of the companies are focusing on just the hardware or say they are just increasing the numbers instead of focussing on their software. This is the main backbone of every smartphone. But Meizu never disappoint you in this segment also. All of Meizu devices is occupied with Flyme OS which is a heavily customised version of Stock Android. So Meizu 15 Lite has the Flyme 7 OS which is the latest version of Flyme.  So basically this is the main thing of smoothness, lag free experience of the device. The OS is focussed on the AI and a very great features. It has very clean and neat UI. The Flyme 7 OS has Android Version 7.1.2 in this device. This does not mean that it has less features. But I think it has a ton of extra features over the stock android. You will fall in love after using this UI. flyme-phone.hd_3c5e489.png flyme1_9cccbf5.jpg flyme2_64db929.jpg flyme3_1a19d2f.jpg flyme4_8a2bbfc.jpg

Attractive Features

Facial Recognition : Yes, Meizu 15 Lite has facial recognition. Believe me, it is really fast. Like just less than second or milisecond in day light. Phone can also be unlocked in a dark room with just phone brightness on your face.

Raise to Wake Up : Yes , this is attractive because you just have to lift up your phone and your phone just unlocks with pressing any power key.

Haptic Engine : Yes this is the unique feature of this series. It is kind of vibration, which can give you a true sense of touch or pressing the buttons.

Fingerprint Sensor : This is very common to all phones now a days. But still considers more secure than facial recognition. So Meizu 15 Lite has this feature also, Without sacrificing the beauty, It has a small round shaped button in front panel, in which this sensor is embedded. It takes just few milliseconds. You never feel lag or failure in this.

And there are many more features which truly makes this device beast in its price segment.

Final Verdict :
Meizu has a lot of potential. They always prove that their devices are unique. 15th series is one of the example. Earlier Many users complain about their performance or their choice of processor. But this time, they will not disappoint you in any segment. From my side, Meizu 15 Lite is a very great and powerful device and I recommend this. You will never regret after buying this.