[ROOT] How to Root & Unroot Flyme Devices



2016-05-27 14:16

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Step 1: Install MzAccount.apk (Below zip file provided) in your flyme device.
Step 2: Goto Settings -> (Scroll down to) Flyme Account -> Login with your flyme account.
Step 3: Goto Settings -> (Scroll down to) Root Permission -> Finish up the remaining process (by agreeing T&A)
Step 4: Reboot the phone once.

                            YO! YOUR PHONE IS NOW  ***ROOTED***


Step 1: Install & Open "SuperSU" (PlayStore Link: SuperSu) Android application.
Step 2: Provide the Root Access to the SuperSU application (if prompted).
Step 3: Goto Settings -> (Scroll Down to) "Full Unroot" -> Click that option.
Step 4: Finish up the remaining process.

                           OOPS! NOW YOUR PHONE IS ***UNROOTED***


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