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2018-08-15 13:54

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It has been just five months when Google released the Android P Developer Preview 1 in March this year, and now on August 6th we have the 9th Version of Android Official and its called the Android Pie.

Its the ninth major update and the 16th Version of the Android Operating System. Lets check out some of the interesting features in it:

Features and Changes:

Over Android Oreo google has introduced tons of changes. And behind the curtains AI works to enhance user experience and optimises system.

Native Notch Support:


You can add and adjust Notch from settings now!

Gesture Navigation:

c286e8e5-6424-42bb-ac58-cc488b458064 (1).jpg

Phones are moving towards more gesture based navigations and Google without getting behind has introduced it in Android Pie. The new Pill Shaped navigation bar serves as home button, app switcher and also for gestures.

Recent App Switcher:

bf9bbe28-2c5c-4fb9-8ad8-08ea2964c337 (1).jpg

Android P has a new recent apps tray. Now its an horizonal list in which apps do not overlapp on each other. To switch between apps just swipe horizontally and hold to enable split screen.

Material Design:


The main thing of which users are fan of AOSP.This time Google has introduced a more colorful UI and looks like they haven been inspired from many other OEMs and Skinned OS. It offers a more cleaere and clean user experience now!

Adaptive Battery:


This is an AI feature which learns and limits the apps and services not much used by user to save battery.

Adaptive Brightness:


Learns user's preferences and sets phone brightness accoridng to conditions. Its more than auto brightness.


Over this Android Update also Google has improved more its Android System and pushed more on AI. I like the AI features and the Gesture Navigations


So what you all guys think about Android Pie. Comment down below and share your thoughts.

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