[Poll]Do you want weather independent Meizu devices?



2016-05-21 22:13

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Edited by pajji at 2016-05-21 19:48

Hey guys!

We use our phones irrespective of weather conditions. We may survive in those conditions but what about our phones? Do they survive or last long? Well some of the phone's do survive which are waterproof and dustproof and many other protections!

There are many way's you can safe gaurd your phones after you buy it! But what if it's not necessary to you to do so? What if the manufacturer do the same to every phone(atleast) they release?

We all know that Meizu makes awesome device with good hardware and software, but is that enough for you? Don't you think the devices should survive the changing weather conditions? So here is your chance vote and tell your opinion about making your device safe!

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