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2018-07-05 22:10

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Edited by WobbleCat at 2018-07-07 06:13

As a community we try to make flyme better and indeed developers did a really great job bringing  new features and best user experience to us.
Flyme is stable, performant, fancy...

Although, there are some really important things that every other Android device does well which was ignored by Flyme Devs. And that's sad.

For a long time setting default Text Synthesizer or  to something else was an issue and my bug reports was never been reviewed.

It's 2018. Myriads of retail stores support contactless payments. For this case Meizu offers us some devices with NFC that on theory should allow us to make those contactless payments. When it comes to practice however, it cannot deal with it. I bought my pro 5 with NFC in the end of 2015 and I never used it to pay in stores. Why? Google Pay doesn't support uncertified devices which is ok assuming their policy, Meizu Pay on the other hand should have fix that issue but on reality it does not. It has a limited variety of supported cards. What a shame!

I'm in love with Meizu, although when it comes to fullfilling the promises - it fails and customers are starting to loose trust and feel pissed.

I hope my message will be forwarded to the dev team and Meizu will be the leading smartphone manufacturer company in the world! But for now I just feel deceived.

Thanks for your attention!