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2018-07-05 01:19

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****as i see new threads with bricked devices showing up , i felt like i had to put a warning before this tutorial****
****first of all i used all the bellow on m721h  with f6 global . propably it should work on chinese models but i can not confirm****
****meizu devices can become unpredicted.for example before unlocking my bl the patched twrp whas only temporary instaled .now after i had my bl back locked and stock recovery restored when i use the patched twrp apk it permanently instals twrp.so i dont know what other unexpected behaivor can occur****
****and last but not least . i'm not responsible for any damage may occur to your device.as i said all the below are tested and working but you proceed with your responsibility****

Install TWRP

1 we allow installation from unknown sources
2 we do ROOT

A connect to  MEIZU account if we have not set up (settings> account, MEIZU> conect)
B activate application locking (settings> fingerprint> application lock> lock application>
C we install quickshortcutmaker and find activity com.meizu.account / com.meizu.root.OpenSystemRightActivity
D we create a shortcut of the above activity on the home screen
We put the password and tick agree
Z phone reboots and now we have root

3. enable USB debugging on developer options (settings> about phone> press 7 times on flyme version> accessibility> developer options> USB debugging> on)

4 we download the file with the unlocked bootloader

5 initially We will buckup the stock recovery so we can restore it whenever we want

A. we install the official TWRP application from the play store

B. We give root permissions and press buckup existing recovery by choosing where to save the recovery.img file

6 download and  install the apk with the patched TWRP

A. the program opens in Chinese (do not panic) we press from the 3 lower keys first the left 2 times and we are installing the recovery. Then we double-tap the right one and reboot to TWRP

6 but the installation is not permanent and at the first restart the stock recovery will come back. To be permanently installed, you need to unlock the bootloader

7 first we will buckup the locked bootloader so we can re-lock it when we want

8 Change language
the pached TWRP opens in Chinese (do not panic)
A We have 2 columns of 4 options
We move to the right on the 2nd from below and we go to settings
B settings have 5 tabs. We are going to the last with the earth symbol
C we choose English

10 buckup the locked bootloader. We push buckup and choose partition devinfo , do 2 backups to create 2 folders in 1 we will have the locked bootloader and in the other we will replace the files it has with those from the unlocked we've downloaded.

11 unlock the bootloader. We press restore and select one of the two folders in which we have the files  with the unlocked bootloader

12 if we restart at this point when the flyme starts it will show us a message enter password to start Android to avoid this we have to do format data, wipe the data partition before going out of recovery

Let me tell you that in my case I did @ @ @ @ and did not do wipe data. I got the message enter password to start Android. I had the code I typed to unlock the phone and it did not work. After many times it eventually took it. I received a message saying that the password is correct but the system is not encrypted and it is corrupted and that it will require a factory reset. It did a factory reset on its own. And in the first boot I had an unlocked bootloader.

13 at this point we can flash the official TWRP from the official application (press TWRP flash in the application) to permanently install it

14 bootloader status check
A. We install the minimal ADB & fastboot on the computer

B. Put the phone in fastboot mode by pressing power & vol down and connecting it to the computer

We write on the console
fastboot oem device-info
and we should get it
(bootloader) Device tampered: false
(bootloader) Device unlocked: true
(bootloader) Device critical unlocked: false
(bootloader) Charger screen enabled: false
(bootloader) Display panel:

We are interested in Device unlocked: true

15 to restore stock recovery
A. In the TWRP press install> image> select the recovery.img that we had buckup> choose to install in the recovery partition

16. Restore the bootloader
A. In the TWRP, press restore> select the folder with buckup bootloader> restore (remember to restore the initial LOCKED bootloader buckup)

17. Some observations
A. If you do not want to try some custom ROM and you just want to flash some zip there's no need to unlock the bootloader and permanently install TWRP.just use the patched TWRP

B. this method does not work in flyme7 only at 6 but I have not verified. I was 6 I tried it

C. When we re-lock the bootloader we may have issues with enter password to start Android
I have not done it yet I'm unlocked but a "wipe data" does not hurt

18 CAUTION!!!!!!!!!!

When you want to lock the bootloader again, the twrp can not load if you reboot so you are left without recovery.
In this case, you need to flash stock recovery immediately after restoring the stock bootloader , before going out of the twrp.
And you always verify that the stock recovery has come back before you install any update.

Otherwise your phone will be very severely hard bricked  
(requiring to flash aboot,boot.img and recovery using a windows pc programm for qualcoom devices caled QFIL .You will also have to open the phone , removing the battery , shorting  the test pins )
but this is another tutorial and i havent been through this procedure anyway (yet)


Unlocked bootloader (password : GKEE)
Patched TWRP

Quick shortcut maker

Official TWRP app


19  this TUT is based on the below articles and my personal experience


20 of course special creditd should be given to GKEE for unlocking the bootloader and the Chinese devs for patching the twrp and make it posible to run over a locked bootloader. all this would never be posible without their work