desperate situation - Meizu M5c



2018-06-29 08:44

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Good evening guys, I have a very big problem with the device, I send you a screenshot to make you understand.

Noticed anything strange? oh yes..Patch security dating back to March 5, 2017, flyme, Android 6..model just the fantastic and abandoned Meizu M5c.

You are wondering "Where is the problem? I do not understand" well, the problem is all, the system not updated, the old patches and the device practically NEW...with a year and a half of life, or little more

Many devices have been upgraded to the stable version 6.3G if not to the stable 7.0G (Putting that they are even older model of the Meizu M5c) but this model .. has been totally abandoned, without any further updates or improvements to your bugs

It makes me think that by now the developers have left us, leaving our devices to their fate of decomposition without giving him the opportunity to grow....without even trying to open a Beta, as in other models.
The Meizu M5c is not a TOP model, it does not have an exceptional hardware system .. but it works and it works well too .. obviously there are bugs, but without updates it will not go on, the problems will not be solved by themselves.

So moderators? Please, forward this urgent help request to who to duty?

I DO NOT SPEAK TO THE NAME ONLY OF ME! But also of many other people who stayed behind with updates!