Meizu 15 after 1 month



2018-06-28 02:14

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I have owned the Meizu 15 for over a month now. The screen is only 5.46 inches in diagonal, but it has the smallest side bezels of any phone I know of, so the width of the screen is 67.99 mm; as large as the width of the screen on the Oppo Find X which has a 6.4 inch diagonal screen. It only has a 79.8 screen-to-body ratio as the top and bottom bezels are not small. However, it's the width of the display which I find most useful, to dial a number or type in a web address (especially since I have not yet been able to get auto rotate to work). I considered the Samsung Galaxy S9, which is easy to hold with a 68.7 mm width. But the Samsung Galaxy S9 is thicker at 8.5 mm and heavier, and although the Samsung Galaxy has a 83.6% screen-to-body ratio, the width of the Samsung S9 screen is only 64.45 mm. The price of the Samsung Galaxy S9 affected my final decision on which phone to buy; and right now I would prefer the Meizu 15 if the cost of the phones were equivalent.

The stereo speakers have a nice sound output during calls. The 3000 mAh battery is sufficient and charges very quickly. It comes with no bloatware at all except for the weather app, which I don't use and thus far have been unable to uninstall.
For me, low weight and body size are important in a phone as I carry it around. Good speakers are important as I listen when I am in a phone call. The Meizu 15 does the things I want it to do well. I don't need a big screen or a powerful chipset. From the reviews that I have read since I bought the phone it sounds like the camera's are very nice, and that's good to know and I do expect to be using the camera in the future.

    So In summary I have the phone and I like it a lot,  My only two question to the community are 1)  does anybody knnows how to un-install the weather app.  and also 2) the image on the screen does NOT auto rotate.  In settings i have auto rotate turned on....but it doesn't work, weird.  Has anybody else who owns the phone had a problem with auto rotate of the screen display?  Thanks.