get image stabilization with snapdragon camera



2018-06-11 17:43

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Edited by ippokratis at 2018-06-11 18:12

well you know that stabilization helps when you have a shaky hand not to take shaken but smouth videosyou also know that our phone lacks of image stabilization
now , there is ois optical image stabilization wich is a hardware thing and can not add it if you dont already have it

and there is eis electronic image stabilization which is a software thing .
this can be added in the camera apps .
its a pity ofcourse that our phone having  such a capable camera lacks of a basic feature like this

well here there is snapdragon camera app to give us this option

here is the gallery

the app is full of other feature also

the  downside is that you can only shot in 1080p with and the feature is disabled in 4k
a bug that i came upon is that when the app opened in video mode theres a green screen that goes away if you togle photo mode and back

remember that in terms of photo image quility the stock app will always be better