Meizu M8C first impression by Pulkit Bhardwaj



2018-05-26 04:19

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Meizu M8C first impression by Pulkit Bhardwaj

Meizu M5C successor is here with Snapdragon 425 with 2GB RAM and 16/32 GB Storage options, right now it is available only in Russia.
We are here to share our views on the same but first lets see some specifications :
  Meizu M8C
- 5.45 inch 18:9 screen
- Snapdragon 425 with Adreno     308 GPU
- 13 MP Back and 8 MP Front   Camera
- 3070 mAh battery
- Price : 140 EUR / 11K INR / 163 Doller

Impression :
As it is a budget oriented device we have to review Meizu M8C with keep that in mind.

Meizu is known for its build quality and reliability and Meizu M8C will hit the mark in both these things with beautiful colors and a old classic Meizu design, So lets break it in parts to give you real image of Meizu M8C.

Processor :
Meizu M8C runs with Snapdragon 425 which is average for 5.45 inch HD+ Screen as it is a 2016 processor not preferable for 18:9 screen and many other options like Snapdragon 435 and 450 are also available at same price range.

Screen :
Big Update in Meizu M8C is screen, A 5.45 inch 18:9 HD+ Screen is Great for this budget oriented device.

Battery :
3070 mAh battery with SD 425 will last a full day for sure so no grievance for battery.


2 GB RAM and 16/32 GB internal storage is not acceptable in 2018, more acceptable combination would should be 3GB RAM and 16/32/64GB  internal Storage.

Camera :
Camera are one thing we can't provide our impression on before we personally use them or see the live photos,
but 13 and 8 MP camera looks promissing in paper.

Software :
Meizu M8C runs on Android 7 with Flyme OS which is smooth and stable but as our past experience with Meizu M5C and Meizu's less experience of working with Snapdragon processor, we can easily say M8C will not get fast updates.

Communication :
This area is very importent as Meizu M8C now supports FM Radio, So Meizu Listen to customer now!!

Price :
Most Importent part at last,
Price of Meizu M8C is set as 140EUR which is too much for what it give, i used ''budget oriented'' in this review many times but with 163 $,
2016's Snapdragon 425 processor, 2 GB RAM are not enough, we can easily say Meizu M8c is little overpriced.

Extra :
Meizu M8C Lacks in Fingerprint Scanner but has a face scanning feature and is available in Red, Gold, Blue and Black

Final impression :
Meizu always lead in build quality, and Radio, 18:9 Screen, Improvement in Camera and Face Scanning are also a good add on features but it also lacks in fingerprint scanner, Less RAM and Processor.
Mobile phone market has been changed drastically and at this price point there are many other options available with 3GB RAM combination, fingerprint scanner and better processor.
But Meizu Wins in which other devices lack that is a good software experience and good build quality.
So you choose from what you need.

Review by enter the tech member Pulkit Bhardwaj

Next Project : Meizu M2 Mini 2.5 Years Review!! so stay tuned.