Touch screen problem M6 Note



2018-05-24 21:14

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Hey Flyme community!

As title said, I bought a new Meizu M6 Note and everything is okay, apart from the fact that the screen does not register light touches!
I mean, if I press somewhat "harder" the device register the tap, but if I press the screen a little lighter (maybe with the tip of my finger as it should be) it simply does not register the touch. It does like 2 or 3 times on 10, and you understand that it kills the usability and the experience of this cool device.
I already did a factory reset and took off the tempered glass, but the outcome is the same. The screen is just too unresponsive to light touches.
Writing with the keyboard sometimes is hard and frustrating as I must tap every letter not hard, but surely not without...concentrating.

I ask for your kind help and thank you in advance.