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2018-05-10 12:53

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Many of you might be aware of the popular yet feature packed Poweramp Music Player. Its a really powerful player with features such as ability to play audio files of almost all formats, powerful equalizer, volume booster, player skins and many more...

But it boasted a really old design. The design was there for years but it needed a retouch. And finally after a long time, the devs updated the design.

The new Poweramp, still in beta, has a flat, more modern design.
S80509-214911.jpg S80509-214351.jpg

This is the new Library page design, looks like the one found in Apple Music.
And the All Songs page, the musical note icon left to the 'All Songs' title looks a bit odd considering the rest of the design.

Let's see the new redesigned player:


Well, we have new layout, and the new seek bar design. There are new Gestures all over the app. Swipe down on the now playing screen to go to the 'All Songs' page. Swipe left/right to change songs. Also, we have a lot of customization options for the Now Playing screen.

Now let's have a look at the Equalizer and Effects Panel:
S80509-214847.jpg S80509-214851.jpg S80509-214853.jpg

The first tab gives you access to the main Equalizer. All the knobs have been redesigned and given a flat look. Its more comfortable to look at.

The second tab has the volume controls and tempo control.

The third tab contains all the Audio Effect settings.

The app has new animations for each tap!
Here's the Search tab:

Well, this looks very empty with just the search bar sitting on top. They should have added Recommendations, or something like that to make the screen look less empty.


And at last, the Settings page. Well, this is the same old one. Just the icons have been tinted with different colors.

Well, this is too early for us to judge the design. The devs could still improve on the design a bit. Make it a bit more realistic by adding some depth to the UI. Because the knobs and buttons are just too simple.

If you want to tryout the beta version (though it has many bugs), you can download the APK from below or from APK Mirror

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